We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!


"Amanda did a great job for me on the hearing test and follow up. I'm on a path to better hearing. Yay! "


"Dear Dr. Ray: It was a pleasure to visit in your office today. You are so professional and informative that you make your patients feel that they are receiving the very best treatment recommendations. Nikke is always very pleasant and helpful. I have been a patient in your office for about 16 years and look forward to your continued care. I highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues."


“She actually listened to me and helped me choose the right hearing aid for my hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget and she was so patient with my questions. As a result, I can hear better than I have in years.”


“Harry and I so appreciate your time and the information you gave us. You have a gift for explaining things well. An added bonus is that Harry has been wearing his hearing aids much, much more even at home! Thank you! Thank you!”


“In my 28 years of wearing hearing aids, I’ve had several audiologists in several states. You are the best I’ve ever had. As I live out the rest of my life I’ll feel peace in knowing you will be there to help me hear what’s going on in the world.”

M.A. Lassuy

“I am hard of hearing. Being hard of hearing can be depressing, frustrating and humiliating. I found an excellent solution in Dr. Georgine Ray at Affiliated Audiology Consultants almost 10 years ago, and now again. Her expertise is a result of her caring, compassionate personality and her outstanding credentials.

If you need hearing aids, you will be as richly rewarded as I have been if you seek her help. She gave me a new lease on life. Thank you, Dr. Ray!”


“Thank you, Affiliated Audiology Consultants, for your guidance in helping with my hearing loss. I realize it’s time for me to consider new hearing aids and appreciate your help in the best choice.”


“Dr. Georgine Ray is an excellent audiologist. I highly recommend Dr. Georgine. She’s very patient with her clients. She explains the procedures and instructions very clearly. She listens to you and makes you feel comfortable. She has helped me tremendously in my social and business life. I want to thank her for being so patient with me.”


“Life seems to be starting all over again! The audiologists and staff here are the BEST!”


“I would like to say these new hearing aids have affected my little boy (age 13) in such a positive way. It has boosted his confidence, and he is more outgoing and holds his head very high. I am so very happy they work for him, and he couldn’t be happier. Thank you! Much appreciated for a new positive outlook on life!”


“My experience with Georgine Ray, Au.D., at Affiliated Audiology Consultants has been very positive and rewarding. Dr. Ray correctly evaluated my hearing loss and designed a perfect prescription for me. Dr. Ray is always informative, professional, and patient. She instructed me on how to wear my hearing aids and how to take care of them for the best result. I was given replacement appliances to replace the dirty and worn-out parts and instructed in how to use them. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Affiliated Audiology. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering a hearing loss. I can now hear all I was missing without stress.”


“My experience at Affiliated Audiology Consultants was fantastic! The staff was very caring and detailed. They walked me through the entire process. My wife does not have to repeat things as much. The downside is I can’t say I didn’t hear her! I am not talking as loud and conversations are much easier to participate in. The service has been outstanding. This is one of the friendliest doctor’s offices I’ve ever been in. All my questions were addressed along with detailed explanations of how to use my new hearing aids. I never felt rushed!”