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A single Lantos 3D ear scan enables total ear care, unlocking the full range of custom-fit products to protect and enhance your hearing, while fitting you perfectly.

Why are custom-fit products better?

  • Superior comfort
  • Unparalled audio quality
  • Won’t fall out

The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System is a modern, safe alternative to the traditional process of silicone earmold impressions, so the true shape of your ears can be digitally captured—quickly, accurately, and with no discomfort. Our audiologists have been certified by Lantos to perform ear scans. The certification process is a new and rigorous addition to the Lantos protocol to assure that audiologists have mastered the Lantos 3D ear scanning procedure.

One Scan - Numerous Products

AGXR ITE Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids

Musician Plug

Musician Monitors

Swimming Plug

Ear Plugs

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