Graphic representing loud noise that requires hearing protection

Are You Protecting Your Hearing?

Fireworks and concerts might come to mind when pondering ear-busting sounds, but power tools and even some livestock can reach dangerous decibels, too. Let’s talk hearing protection, which can go a long way toward keeping harmful noise at bay.

Types of Hearing Protection

At home, work, or play, the world can be an exciting but noisy place, putting your hearing health at risk. How? Loud sounds — especially those in the danger zone of 85 decibels or higher — can lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, or both.

It’s helpful to avoid loud environments in the first place. That’s not always practical, however, especially if the job you love, favorite hobbies, and other important activities bring joy — and add some noise — to your everyday life.

Let’s talk about different types of hearing protection that can help keep you and your loved ones listening — and living — your best. …

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Illustration of hunter walking through the woods

The Hunt for Hearing Protection: What You Should Know to Keep Your Ears Safe

There’s nothing like National Protect Your Hearing Month in October to bring two important passions together — hearing health and hunting. If you love being in the great outdoors to get that perfect shot, we want to help you make it happen without hearing loss. Here’s what you need to know about safeguarding your ears while maintaining your A-game. 

What’s the Connection Between Hunting & Hearing Loss?

Noise levels at 85 decibels and higher can damage your hearing — permanently, in some cases. With the ability of even small-caliber firearms to reach well past that threshold to levels including 140 decibels, it’s no wonder that having your ears unprotected during shooting can lead to hearing loss.

According to a report at the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) website, other factors can further contribute to dangerous noise levels during firearm use. For example:

Discharging the gun where the sound …

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